We’ve been working hard to expand our online platform of classes for all and we are very excited to announce that we have been extremely fortunate to receive National Lottery funding from Sport England to take our platform National, in partnership with EMD UK. This funding is from the Tackling Inequalities Fund which exists to help reduce the negative impact of the coronavirus and the widening of the inequalities in sport and physical activity

Synergy SEN Yoga™ for Teens with Autism

Synergy SEN Yoga™ for teens with Autism is a seated and standing yoga and well-being class. Benefits include improved posture, fitness, physical & motor skills, spatial awareness, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. Synergy Yoga has great potential for autism therapy as it directly addresses the symptoms of Autism in children and teens. It helps to increase body awareness, improve motor skills, helps with transition and to develop self-esteem and communication skills.

Synergy SEN Yoga™ for Autism is designed to enhance the lives of those with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) symptoms. Yoga can improve focus and attention, sensory information processing, communication, self-regulation and motor control. These skills generally expand to other areas in life, ultimately helping those with ASD lead more balanced, healthy, socially integrated and independent lives.

These lessons include some exercises for upper body only and some exercises for upper and lower body to offer diversity and levels

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Rebekah is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher, a level 3 childcare worker, certified in Core Anatomy Vinyassa and has trained with Dashama in Pranashama Yoga. As a qualified Life Coach & Counsellor, Becky is deeply interested in Spirituality and combines her areas of expertise to offer health and wellness in mind, body and soul. Rebekah works with Synergy on our online programmes, in schools and for weekly classes in Freedom Leisure venues. Her classes deliver to children, teens, adults and the SEN community. 

Becky is on a mission to help participants tap into their highest potential: “overcoming self-sabotage, awakening to our truest desires and healing from any past trauma or wounds, which would disable us from our highest potential”.

As a teacher Rebekah enjoys making yoga accessible to all – and often brings in help from her soft toy collection – Prana Parrot, Meditating Max and Yoga Ted.

For adults and teens, each class offers an opportunity to embrace a deeper knowledge of yourself and you will be encouraged to believe in yourself! Rebekah's classes are fun, engaging and encouraging - she has a large following on Synergy. You can get to know Rebekah via our inclusive online yoga and ParaStars Yoga® programmes and she also teaches for Synergy for their British Blind Sport partnership.


Sarah’s notable biography spans the full breadth of the entertainment industry. With an upbringing within her grandmother’s stage school, “entertainment” is in her bones, so jobs in dancing and acting naturally kick started her career at a young age.  

Sarah also continued to build on her modelling portfolio with TV and film work and travelled extensively, for twenty-one years, as a principle dancer/Coconut, with the 80’s International band ‘Kid Creole and the Coconuts’. 

Sarah spends her time now teaching dance, yoga and fitness related classes to all ages and abilities, for both mainstream and within the disability community. “Giving back” what she learned from the world of professional dance performing and helping all to learn and live with yoga, due to the many benefits it gives to every one of us.

Sarah says: “she is so happy to be part of this amazing National online platform supporting all people to be their best selves with our minds, bodies and souls in harmony together”.

You can get to know Sarah via our inclusive ParaStars Yoga® online and she also teaches for Synergy in local schools. 


Erin is a qualified dance facilitator, yoga teacher and dance movement psychotherapist with many years of experience and “a passion for making dance, and the feeling that comes with it available and accessible for all”!

She has been super excited and feels very privileged to be a part of this online project- it is right up her street. She has worked in a range of contexts in Surrey, London and Northern Ireland bringing dance and movement into schools, dance studios and community venues and is currently working within the NHS getting service users in South West London moving and smiling!

You can get to know Erin via our inclusive ParaStars Dance™ programmes and she also teaches for Synergy for fundraising events and guest classes.